A New Setup.

After years of lazily sitting in bed with my laptop on my knee and feeling incredibly lazy about it, I decided it was time to buy myself a nice new desk. I bought it with the mindset that if I was sitting at a desk, I’d definitely get more done. So, if we can call watching all 9 seasons of The Office “getting more stuff done” then we can all agree that the desk has worked a treat…

Now, to start the real work…


February 6, 2014 3:41 pm 3 Comments
  • http://www.superrassspy.com/ Anthea L

    your room is such a cosy and relaxing space! and don’t we all feel lazy to work sometimes ;)Check out my latest blog post and share your thoughts! :)


  • http://eatyourteacup.blogspot.com/ Mani

    I absolutely love your desk space! Those cactus plants are such a cute touch :)

  • Paprika

    Haha watching the office is definitely productive;) Love the art arrangement on your wall, it looks so arty and prettyxx